After a decade of successful radio ministry, MOH Nepal launched its Television Program called 'Vastawikta", meaning “The Reality”. The program first launched on Sepetember 2016, aims to reach the unreached people within Nepal with the word of God. Almost 65% of total population of Nepal has a television set at their home to watch and see including all groups of people.

Hence using television as one of the effective tools of preaching gospel of Jesus Christ was one strategic move by MOH Nepal to reach out the people with the gospel. As MOH Nepal does not have its own television channel and television studio for telecast, it purchased 30 minutes air time in one of the national television channel called NTV PLUS for program telecast in 2017. Then the same programme started airing on Nepal Television proper. However, in the long run, MOH Nepal has a plan to establish its own television channel and studio.

Currently, the television program has the following segments:
⦁ Announcements (Various segments): This segment will contain various announcements about the organization, its various project and program together with advertisement
⦁ Songs: Christian songs at the beginning and closing of the program
⦁ Bible message: The word of God
⦁ Short testimonies/ Success Stories documentary: Testimonies and success stories video of our regular radio listeners, The Word For Today daily devotional readers and other life changing stories (this is in the planning phase as MOH is seeking funding opportunities to have this segment in the program as this has cost implications)
⦁ Pray for me: This segment contains various prayer agendas (personal prayer request, prayer for country, prayer for other social issues, and other special prayers. This is in planning phase.
⦁ Interaction program: Interaction with different personality from Christian circle. This is in planning phase.